Ethiopia Pictures

Todd's father worked for the US State Department during his career and the family lived in Ethiopia from 1969 to 1973.  For Todd, that was ages 6 to 10.  Knowing that we would be in Ethiopia on our round-the-world trip, we planned a reunion with Todd's siblings.  Big brothers Alan and Grant and sister-in-law Jodie flew from the US and the boys spent a week walking down memory lane.  Unfortunately, little sister Robin could not be there because of work and family obligations.  We started off in the capital city of Addis Ababa with our trusty guide Naty Taferre, owner of Budget Ethiopia Tours.   We visited the old house where the family lived; we visited the old American Community School (renamed to International Community School); we visited the US Embassy; and we visited the Hilton Hotel where we were members of the swim club.  The next day we drove four hours south to the family's favorite camping and recreation spot, Lake Langano.  After two days of swimming and more reminiscing, we returned to Addis and toured the city.  We visited two museums and shopped at the Mercado (the largest market in the country).  We then said good bye to the Alan, Grant and and Jodie (they were headed for Rome) and we hopped on a domestic flight to the city of Lalibela in northern Ethiopia to see the famous rock-hewn churches.



Addis Ababa

Lake Langano