Hong Kong Summary


We arrived in Hong Kong on Gulf Air and were surprised by the cool weather.  The new airport on Lantau Island was stunning; there was a high speed train that connected to the central station on Hong Kong Island in just 25 minutes.  We then took a taxi to our apartment at 2 MacDonnell Road.  We had arranged to spend one month there, to catch up on homework and enjoy this amazing city.  Located in the Mid-levels above the Central District, our apartment had two bedrooms and a small kitchen-living-dining area.  It also had a great views of central Hong Kong from the bedroom windows and up the hill to the Peak from the living room windows.  All around us were high-rise residential apartment buildings.  Across the street (also in a high-rise) was a supermarket, which provided everything we needed, from peanut butter and fresh veggies to bread and tasty cheeses.  This store had two stories and there was a special escalator to get you and your shopping cart to the second floor.  While in Hong Kong we took two side trips to mainland China, one to Beijing and one to Shenzhen across the border from Hong Kong.  Highlights of the month included some great Chinese food, a visit by Duncan & Ellen (still on their tour after Thailand), attending the Rugby Sevens World Cup and, to Lauren and Katie’s delight, an Avril Lavigne concert.  We enjoyed the cool March weather, the lovely park across the street from our apartment and the classic open air markets.  The public transportation system was very advanced and there was no need to have a car.    

 Kona Moment:  A bamboo garden in the park near our apartment reminded us of home.

Starbucks:  Yes, many.

Weird McDonalds Menu Item:  Same as the US

Cultural Moment:  Riding the outdoor multi-stage escalator system up the hill in the Central District was amazing.  The Octopus Card: a prepaid card that can be used for almost any form of public transportation, as well as coffee at Starbucks, groceries and vending machines - who needs to carry cash?