Katie's Brazil Journal


January 12, 2005

I learned:

1.  A prehistoric sloth is 16 feet long.

2.  The inside of a meteorite is smooth like metal.

3.  I learned how to say pool in Portuguese (piscina).

I did:

1.  We went to the National Museum.

2.  We rode the subway to the museum and back.

3.  We walk a lot today and it was hot and rainy.


January 11, 2005

I learned:

1.  People who live in the Santa Teresa neighborhood can take a trolley to get down the hill.

2.  McDonald's in Rio de Janeiro have Internet access.

3.  People make wonderful sand castles on Copacabana Beach.

I did:

1.  I slept until 1:00pm

2.  I walked along Copacabana Beach.

3.  We saw little kittens on a wall by a museum and we held them and played with them.


January 10, 2005

I learned:

1.  I learned how to say thank you in Portuguese (o-bri-gaa-do).

2.  In Peru they think marshmallows are like candy and sell them in expensive gift shops.

I did:

1.  I took a 5 hour plane ride to Sao Paolo.

2.  We transferred planes to Rio.

3.  Watched Pokemon in Portuguese.