Lauren's Australia Journal


February 3, 2005

Today we went into the city.  First we went shopping.  After that we saw a symphony at the Sydney Opera House about Bugs Bunny.  It was really funny because it was classic Bugs Bunny cartoons with live opera music.  After the show was over, my dad said we should catch the bus back to our apartment, but our bus had already left.  So we got ice cream and a taxi instead.  When inside the apartment we all fell asleep quickly.


January 29, 2005

Today we went to the aquarium.  It was fun, but there was no air conditioning, so it was really hot.  Even the ice cream didn't cool us down!  After that we went to the movies.  On the way we went to a rotating sushi bar.  Mmmmmmm!  It was really yummy!  The movie we saw was Finding Neverland.  It was about the life of James Barrie (the author of Peter Pan).  The movie was good and it made me cry.  When the movie ended, we caught the bus home.  It was late, so I read for a while, then drifted off to sleep...