Lauren's India Journal

Wildlife in India...Literally

I will now describe the wildlife of our 5 hour road trip to from Agra to Jaipur.

Now, all throughout our round the world trip we have seen dogs: big dogs, little dogs, starving dogs, mangy dogs, all kinds of dogs.  So, on our road trip, we naturally we saw dogs.  Then horses, goats and donkeys started appearing.  The horses were generally used to pull carriages and most had a feather in their manes or paint on their backs.  The donkeys however had huge loads on their backs.  But the goats were apparently just tied up and eating hay.  One hour later, I had just started to doze off when my dad yelled "Camel!"  Sure enough, four camels strode by hooked up to cart-like contraptions having wheat inside.  After that, wild pigs and peacocks started appearing inhabiting garbage heaps and under shady trees.  But last and most incredulously not least, cows.  I will always say, if I were ever a cow, I would like to be a cow in India.  It is amazing, cows in the streets, cows in the ditches, cows in the rivers, cows EVERYWHERE!  India is an exotic place...I swear I will not ever forget it.