Lauren' s Nepal Journal

Hello Everybody!  Here are a few random thoughts and facts about Nepal, but more specifically, Kathmandu. 

When we landed at the airport, we were greeted by our friends who we met in Beijing.  We got in a taxi that cost about  300 rupees (70 rupees to 1 USD).   So, the taxi was roughly $4.50.  Well, let me tell you, it was muggy, not all roads were paved and they were inhabited by starving dogs, begging children, hawkers and rickshaws (a two-seat, man-powered bicycle-type thing).

After a relaxing lunch, we set off to explore.  Now, I will say this, every street had at least these five things: 1) wool shops that sell all kinds of scratchy sweaters, purses and shawls;, 2) candy counters - literally, just a counter selling varieties of candy from Toblerone chocolate to good old Snickers Crunch; 3) embroidery shops - these people will take your shirt or any shirt and sew a design on it for a small fee; 4) beads/jewelry stores - these shops sell a fascinating variety of Nepalese beads and jewelry for really low prices (keep in mind that Nepalese people love to bargain and some try to rip off tourists); and 5) old men selling violin-type instruments.  What was it with these men?  They would not leave us alone!  "Come sister, I give you good, cheap price!"  or "400 hundred rupees for you only my friend."

Well, Kathmandu was definitely not what I expected, but I had a fun time and hope to back when I am older.