Mauritius Summary


We flew to Mauritius as a 2-night stopover between India and South Africa and ended up staying six days.  Our hotel, the Blue Lagoon was simple and clean.  Both dinner and breakfast were provided with the room, so we didnít have to think about meals.  We definitely needed some down time at this point and Mauritius was the perfect place.  The sea was crystal clear and warm; the palm trees and lava rock reminded us of what Hawaii might have been like 40 years ago; and the food was terrific, a legacy of French colonization.  We swam, slept, played in the sun, snorkeled and Lauren got to go on her first scuba dive with Todd after being certified last fall.  We left feeling refreshed and ready for the next part of our trip.

Kona Moment:  Too many to count - geckos, plumeria trees, coral, blue water, black lava rock, hibiscus, heavy rains in the night, coconut trees and sugar cane fields. 

Starbucks:  No

Weird McDonalds Menu Item:  We visited a McDonalds, but didn't take note of any unusual items because we were so excited there was finally beef on the menu again. 

Cultural Moment:  Learning about the French novel based in Mauritius Paul and Virginie at the Blue Penny Museum in the capital of Port Louis.