Trondheim & Asen Pictures

After Bergen, we took the train to Trondheim via Oslo.  There we were met by cousin Bjorn Ringen who was our main contact, logistical coordinator and personal comedian.  We spent the next five days in Trondheim and the small town of Asen where the family farm is located and had a wonderful time.  Our Norwegian relatives were very hospitable and we had such a great time that Cheryl and I ended up taking more than 500 pictures.  For this reason I decided to break up our Trondheim/Asen visit into smaller chunks, each with its own page.


Arrival in Trondheim

Tour of Trondheim

Visit to the Rosdal Home

The Family Farm (where we stayed)

Party at Olaf's House

Hike to Magne & Aase's Cabin

Stikelstad National Cultural Center

Falstad Memorial

Hegra Fort

Visit to Bjorn & Bente's Cabin

Visit to Haldis' Cabin

Party at the Farm

Good Bye Asen