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Todd, Cheryl, Lauren and Katie Holdcroft reside in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, in a white house with their four cats and one large rabbit.  Todd was in charge of caring for the children and house for the five years before the trip, while Cheryl ran the Kona Hospital Foundation.  Both Todd and Cheryl traveled extensively BC (before children) and wanted to recreate some of those adventures for their daughters.  When Lauren was 11 and Katie was 9, they felt the time was right.  Quote from Lauren before the trip: “ I think the biggest challenge for me and my sister is we will miss our friends very much.  However, this trip will be fun and exciting as long as we don’t run out of spending money.”  Many thanks to our friends and family who helped and supported us on this crazy adventure.

This picture above was taken in Athens, Greece by Grandpa Duncan McFarland.  We are at Acropolis Rock in front of the Parthenon.  We had the "Holdcroft Family Round the World" shirts made in Kathmandu, Nepal.  For a close-up of the shirt, click on the picture above or here.

Pictured from left: Lauren, Cheryl, Todd & Katie.



Our Traveling Companion

This little fellow is Pueo and he joined us on our round-the-world adventure.  Pueo is the school mascot for Hualalai Academy in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii where Lauren and Katie attend.  The word 'pueo' means owl in Hawaiian.  This pueo was given to us by Katie's 4th grade teacher Mrs. Pat Rickey.




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