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For eight months from January to August of 2005, we traveled around the globe.  We, in this case, refers to the Holdcroft family - Todd, Cheryl, Lauren and Katie.  We began our journey by flying to Seattle to spend Christmas 2004 with our families.  We then flew to South America, New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia, China, India, Africa, and finally Europe.  We visited twenty-six countries on six continents.  Armed with one suitcase and one carry-on each (and a notebook computer), we visited places we have only seen in books or heard of in stories.   We spent a month in some countries, though most places it was only a few days or a week.  We wanted to try everything that this amazing world has to offer.  Our itinerary was planned by each member of the family choosing their top five places to visit around the world.  This created a lengthy and eclectic path for us to follow.  About once a week we posted updates and photos to this website and so it is a chronicle of our journey.  The map below shows our entire planned route.  For our actual route, click The Map button at left.

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