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This was our route around the world.  We started from our home in Kona, Hawaii and flew to Seattle on the US mainland.  From there we headed to South America with a stop in Orlando, Florida.  Then we flew west and made our way through New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and China.  We spent two weeks in India and Nepal before flying to Africa.  We entered Europe through Turkey and Greece.  Our last country was Norway.  For more detail of Europe, click on the map above or here.  The route we took was very close to our original plan.  Places not included on the original itinerary included: Adelaide in Australia, Penang Island in Malaysia, Kathmandu in Nepal, Victoria Falls in Zambia, Germany, The Netherlands, and Belgium.  The only country on the original plan that we did not visit was Morocco.  It was definitely the trip of a lifetime.

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